▪️ Salad mix
▪️ Tomatoes

▪️ 200 g of chicken liver
▪️ salt, pepper
▪️ flour
▪️1 egg + 1 tbsp. water
▪️ oil for frying

▪️ 1 apple
▪️1-2 tbsp. sugar
▪️1 tbsp. oils

▪️1 tsp. lemon juice
▪️1 tsp. honey
▪️1 tsp. mustard
▪️3 tbsp. oil

Peel the chicken liver from the films, cut into portioned pieces, salt and pepper. Roll each piece in flour, then in egg and again in flour and place on a heated pan with oil.

Peel the apples and cut them into thin slices. Put sugar on the pan, cut the apples in one layer, sprinkle with more sugar and add oil. Hold for a few minutes on each side so that they become soft and brown.

For the sauce, first mix lemon juice, mustard and honey, then add oil three times, constantly mixing with a whisk. You should get a smooth, uniform sweet and sour sauce.

Put the salad on a plate first, pom
idor, salt and add a little pepper, then cookies and apples, and pour the sauce over the salt.

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